Seven-period day, online options provide more options for FHS students

Faribault High School took a major step forward in our Pathways of Excellence with the addition of a seven-period schedule and new online course offerings for students.  After working through the planning phase for several years and earning the support of the community, we can now begin implementing an additional 20-plus courses for students. 

The pathway model, which is based on successful programs at Shakopee High School and Alexandria High School, will offer students a sequence of classes in one of four main pathways:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Business and Technology
  • Health and Human Services
  • Agriculture

Embedded within those pathways are mini-pathways for students who want more course options in areas like science, the arts and education This will be the first year of the pathway model at Faribault High School and students will be fully immersed in the model over the next two to three years as all of the pathways classes are phased in.

We’re also very excited to begin offering online courses starting this fall through our new program called Falcon Online. FHS will be partnering with Edgenuity to offer students the capability to be both an on-campus student and an online student. 


Through Edgenuity, students will be able to sign up for online courses run through Edgenuity that we don’t currently offer on campus. Hosting these classes ourselves means in addition to having a virtual instructor through Edgenuity, students will have the benefit of additional on-site mentors and academic coaches who will meet with them regularly, track their progress within the platform, and provide support.  

Students will have to meet academic standards to take online classes and in most cases students will only take 1-2 online classes at a time. We know there are many benefits to taking classes in a traditional classroom setting and that will continue to be the foundation of what we do at FHS. 

Online learning won’t be for everyone, but we’re excited to be able to offer this option for students who are looking for more independent and flexible education experiences.

The new schedule will allow students to take eight additional courses over the course of their high school career and get more exposure to these career fields so they’re better-prepared when it comes time to decide their post high school plans. The additional room in their schedule will also provide more opportunities for internships and work experiences with local businesses.

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