About Us

Faribault High School is located in Rice County and is 25 miles south of the twin cities metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. A member of the Big 9 Conference, FHS serves approximately 1200 (9-12) students.

Shared Values

Learners will have a sense of belonging and feel connected to school and community.

Learners and staff will appreciate and honor diversity in each individual.

School and community will build a culture where honesty, integrity, and responsibility are valued and modeled.

Staff will foster an environment that promotes interdisciplinary learning.

Throughout the school and community, kindness and caring are encouraged and maintained.

Opportunities are provided for learners to reach their unique potential.

Learners and staff will offer ongoing support and inspiration.

Collaboration of efforts and resources among the community is vital.

Openness to change is important for growth.

Achievement is planned and celebrated.

Common goals for basic skills and knowledge are shared, emphasized and monitored.

Self-empowered learners will set realistic, achievable goals and take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.

Systems, practices, and resources will facilitate our mission.

Faribault Falcons Fight Song

The Faribault Falcon team is hard to beat,
They’re just 100-par from head to feet,
They’ve got a style of play that’s mighty sweet,
And when you see them play, you’ll say,
You’re bound to say, you’ll say now,
There’s a team we’re proud to know,
They’ve got that good old Faribault pep and go,
And when you see them play, you’re bound to say,
You’ve got to go, gang go!

School Colors:
Hunter Green and White

Mascot: Falcon